A Summer Classic – The Black One Piece Bathing Costume

It’s easy to get it very wrong when it comes to a choosing a bathing costume. We’re seduced by the latest in color and design when we’re shopping and pay little attention to what actually suits us. The dark-colored one-piece swimsuits can’t compete with their flashier counterparts and we ignore them thinking they will make us look drab and frumpy. However, most women shouldn’t overlook the elegant effect a black one-piece swimming costume can create. Not only can it cleverly conceal those parts of her body she’d rather not expose to all and sundry on a crowded beach, but it can flatter a woman’s figure to the extent that she’s confident enough to freely frolic in the waves regardless of who’s watching.

But to ensure that you’re more “aqua diva” than “aqua disaster” in your black one-piece swimsuit this summer, you’ll need to follow a few simple golden rules

Don’t scrimp when buying your one-piece swimsuit. Don’t regard it as a “one-season” item, look at this purchase as an investment: paying a little extra for your swimsuit will ensure that you get a top quality costume that’s guaranteed to last you a number of summers to come. Shop at a reputable store and don’t expect to find a top quality, timeless, classic one-piece swimsuit in the store’s bargain box!

If you have an ample bust, choose a swimsuit that has under-wiring in the bra as this will give you support and create a sleeker outline. Halter tops are good for creating cleavage if you want to enhance your bust. If your bust is on the small side, then you can choose a style with spaghetti straps and little or no support.

A swimsuit that’s niched (slightly gathered) at the sides or front will help concealĀ  a less-than-flat stomach. One-piece costumes are now available with “lummy control” if you feel you need a little extra help in this department.

Clearing a swimsuit that’s cut high in the leg will make your legs appear longer than they actually are.

Don’t think that a black one-piece swimsuit has to be boring. There are lots of designs with attractive details including sexy cut-away sections, gold trimming, and eye-catching belts. Choose a design with a feature that will highlight the part or parts of your body you want to show off. And if you want to dress up your one-piece swimsuit, then choose a pretty tunic or sarong.


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