Animal Print Fashion for Babies

Animal print clothing and accessories for babies and toddlers are sold in a wide variety that allows parents to dress their infants from head-to-toe in adorable zebra and leopard prints Since patterns and designs have been carefully crafted for specific age groups that means that parents can find tiny outfits and tiny accessories to fit babies

Adding a Touch of Fancy with Animal Print Flowers
One of the easiest ways to add a subtle touch of animal print fun to your little girl’s outfits is to attach one or more colorful animal print flowers or roses to her outfit. Since many of the flowers are already attached to sturdy little clips, you can easily attach them to straps, headbands, hats, and tutus without worrying about fussing with glue or ribbons.

You can go with traditional black and white for your zebra animal prints or you can try the new hot pink and turquoise zebra prints. Make your decision based upon the color of the outfit that your little girl is wearing. For example, if your daughter is wearing a pink tutu, then any of the colors would be a good fit. If your little one  is wearing an orange outfit, then you might want to stick to the more traditional colors of black and white.

Another beneficial aspect of using hot pink zebra daisies, turquoise zebra daisies, or black zebra daisies to accent your daughter’s outfits or hats is that they are readily detachable, allowing you to switch to another type of flower so easily. Once you have run through all of the zebra animal print daisies, consider using either brown leopard Gerbera daisies or assorted animal print roses to adorn your little girls’ kufi hat, tutu, or clothing.

Assorted animal print roses are sold in both zebra print roses and leopard print roses in a variety of different styles. Animal print gerbera crystal daises are also sold in a variety of cute, colorful styles. Animal print flowers are easy to attach and fun to look at. Why not add  a few to your little girl’s clothes and make a fashion statement today?

Animal Print Hair Accessories

Dressing little girls up from the time they are born is a lot of fun.  Not only do you get to choose from among so many cute and adorable outfits, but you also get to select cute hair accessories to dress up your little one’s baby fine hair. If you are into animal print patterns, you have lots of options including animal print headbands, hair bows, flowers, and hats.

Pink and brown leopard headbands are adorable for newborns and can be used to complement white, off white, pink, yellow, and tan outfits They slip on and off easily so you never need to worry about your baby’s comfort. If you want hair accessories with a bit more of a fashion statement, why not check out colorful zebra arch style chiffon rose headbands, thin leopard arch style chiffon headbands, or zebra arch style headbands with satin bows These are really girly so they look great on little girls

If headbands aren’t your type of style, try the leopard and zebra grosgrain hair bows on clips They are just as cute and simple to use. Plus, you can always opt to carefully attach animal print flowers with hair clips

When the weather turns a bit cooler or the breezes begin to blow, try a few pink zebra baby fluff kufi hats or baby kufi hats with pink leopard or pink zebra daisy flowers on them. Not only will these crochet hats keep your little darling warm and cozy, but they will also add some pizzazz to her outfit.


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