Basic Makeup Tips that Works for Every Woman

Great-looking makeup not only starts with great colors, textures, tools: it’s how you work with them that make the difference. Here, how-to tips from top makeup artists.

Using the same products, every woman will get a different look to her makeup, because every face has a different bone structure and style.

Start with moisturizer; then, apply a concealing stick under eyes. Use foundation to even skin tone but not to give color; color is added with blush and lipstick. Eye and cheek color should follow the natural shape of the face. Dark-toned shadow defines eyes; but, when eyes are open, the shadow must not stand out. This spring, cheek colors are soft and fresh; lipsticks give natural-looking color, not gloss.

New color choices:

For the Eyes: green, yellow, bronze, salmon

For Cheeks and mouth: salmon, smoke rose, bronze, honey

Make more of your eyes —by the way you use blush! Bring blush high up on the cheekbone, blending it to hairline and brow bone above eye. This lets eye color really stand out. . . Always use moisturizer — one geared to your skin type. Apply gently, especially near eyes; a hand motion toward the nose is safest.

Makeup Trick to look happy: Use this trick from a makeup pro: Dab rouge at the “apples” of cheeks and blend backward; for a more sophisticated face, intensify color at temples or in cheek hollows, then blend forward. Use makeup color to define face structure. Dark shadow, soft liner set up eye shape.

1. Use a thin, soft black pencil to line lower lashes. Connect to outer crease with dots. Blend crease and under-eye pencil.

2. Brush silver-gray iridescent powder over pencil on outer crease and under lower lashes. Blend.

3. Use black pencil to line across upper lashes, outer corner and outer crease. Blend.

4. To highlight, brush petal pink pressed powder on lid, under brow and over black pencil at corner. Blend.

5. Dust silver iridescent powder on arc of brow.

6. Use black pencil to line inside rim of lower lash.

7. Use mascara.

8. Brush-pearl-pink powder blush directly on cheekbones.

9. Outline lips with red pencil and blend. Color your lips with clear pink lipstick.

If brows are thick and dark, use only Vaseline—more natural. If brows are thin and scanty, brush lightly with an eyelash-growing cream, or massage in a little hair tonic.

Keep eyebrow brushes as clean as hairbrushes. Keep eyebrow pencils fined to a sharp point with a pencil sharpener. When the point is greasy, dip in powder and wipe with tissue.

When you’ve tweezed and tidied your brows, give a little thought to the expression they give your face. Are they too set? Too lowering? Tension in facial muscles shows most cruelly round the eyes. What are your eyebrows doing at the moment? Drawn together with a frown?

Here’s a simple little drill that will relax the tiny nerves and muscles round eyes and eyebrows: just raise both brows as high as possible in surprise. You will immediately feel as if a tired burden had been lifted from your eyes. Do this four or five times any moment you are alone and your eyebrows will never overshadow the shining light of your eyes.


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