Children shopping guide

Kids grow really fast. Within a flash their baby clothes do not fit them anymore. Shopping for children clothing is an ongoing task. Apart from adult clothing, recently children clothing also comes with designer works. Since children grow at a faster pace, investing highly is not a viable option. You could have few clothing for your kids that are high in quality with intrinsic designs but for their day today usage you could go for minimal clothing that won’t cost you much. Shopping for children clothes is a mind blowing job for first time parents and people wishing to buy clothing gifts for children. Here is a detailed guide that will assist you in shopping for children clothing.

Shopping for Newborn Clothes – If you are a pregnant lady expecting your first baby, you cannot wait till your little angel arrives. You should shop priorly for the infant clothes so that your baby could be wrapped around. Newborn clothes should be shopped with greater care. From the material to weather seasons you should assess every detail prior to buying clothes for infants. Most of the babies are of average sizes, so you could shop baby clothes accordingly. Few babies born in different body size, you could get an extra pair of clothing to tackle this situation so that you need not to shop at the last moment. Baby clothes are sized as S, M and L. You could prefer clothing of “M” size so that it will fit your infant perfectly. Here are the approximate measurements for newborn clothes

  1. 0-3M (S): 19-23 inches long, 4-11 pounds
  2. 3-6M (M): 24-26 inches, 12-15 pounds
  3. 6-9M (L): 27-28 inches, 16-18 pounds

Shopping for Toddler clothes – newborn clothing will last for a longer time but it is completely opposite to toddlers. As toddlers grow fast they learn a lot in the due course. Children start playing on floors and make themselves dirty. Washing these clothes is tiresome. Toddler clothes will wear out easily so it is advisable not to invest good money on toddler clothes. It is true that your child look shiny, adorable and attractive with a designer gown but you have to wait for the right time since they will be out of fit in few months time. Below provided are the approximate measurements for toddler clothing.

  1. 2T (S): 33-35.5 inches tall, 24-28 pounds
  2. 3T (M): 36-38.5 inches, 28.5-32 pounds
  3. 4T (L): 39-41 inches, 33-36 pounds

Shopping for Children Clothes – Your kid is no more a toddler. They have their own style, taste and personality. You have to start buying dresses for them depending on their expectations. So take your child along with you while shopping, show him or her varieties available, and ask them what their favourite pick is. Nowadays loads of fashion clothing and designer wears are available for kids especially girl children. Each child should get different type of attire for school, home and play. Be extra cautious in choosing the right fit clothing that suits well with occasions. Here are the average measurements for Children clothing

  1. 4 (S): 42-44 inches tall, 37-41 pounds
  2. 5 (M): 45-47 inches, 42-46 pounds
  3. 6 (L): 48-49 inches, 47-53 pounds
  4. 6x/7 (XL): 50-51 inches, 54-58 pounds

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