Cost of Sisterlocks

Consultants are free to set their own prices but the suggested price is $350-$375 for 2-4 inches of natural hair. The length of any existing permed hair does not count because it is not advised to lock that hair anyway. Some consultants charge $100 for every inch over their limit (2-4 inches) because of the extra time involved. If you have 6-8 inches of natural hair you pay around $450. It will take about 19 hours (2 days) to complete the main locking session.

If you live in Washington, DC the average starting range here is between 60-$80. You pay $95 all together and if you bring some of your stylist products.

The consultant measures the circumference of your head and measures the length of your hair, and comes up with estimated cost of sisterlocks.

Also, when she put in the “test locks”, she locks the permed hair.

I do remember that in Joanne’s book, “That Hair Thang”, it said that only the natural hair gets locked and the permed hair is left free. It sounds weird, but the pictures look really nice.

Sisterlocks (note the spelling) is copyrighted by Dr. JoAnne Cornwell. No Certified Sisterlocks Consultant will put in Sisterlocks for $95.

Sisterlocks comprises 3 sessions:

1. Prelocking session: Test locs are put in to determine what locking pattern to use. There are a bunch of patterns which are used for different hair types. I was taught 4 locking patterns when I took the retightening class but the consultants learn a bunch more. They also do some counseling on locs and your hair.

In between you have to wait for at least 1 week (I had to wait 2 weeks) so that you can wash your locs and the loctician can see the effects on each pattern. You’ll be told not to use oily shampoos and conditioners on the locs. This is the worse part of the package because most of us want to get the locs right away but you still have to wait. The locticians also KNOW that you want locs because you’ve had more time to think. That session is a non-refundable $25 that is included in the quoted price (e.g. $350)

2. The Main Locking Session: The time it takes to do this depends on the experience of the loctician and the length of your hair. They choose a pattern based on the outcome of #1. It took around 18 hours (2 days) for me. My sister does folks with 4 inch hair in a day. The consultant will wash and style your hair before you leave and give you more counseling on locs in general and care & feeding of Sisterlocks.

You wait 2-4 weeks and wash and care for your locs following the rules.

3. Follow-up session: This is a retightening and probably will take a few hours. This is also to take care of slippage or alert the loctician of unraveling, if that happens.

I did the math and my package took 23 hours because I had 6-10 inches of natural hair and I asked lots of questions. $450 wasn’t too much money considering the consultant made around $19/hour (you get a little Sisterlocks kit). If you continue to do the math, that translates to $38,000/yr without benefits. They make more with experience because it takes less time to do the work and they learn how to explain things more succinctly.


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