Curling and Styling Ideas for Sisterlocks

If your locs don’t seem to have much definition. Try to do the following at night:

1. Braid

Lightly braid in 5-6 braids and tuck the ends under and into the braid to hold. When the

locs are shorter, use small rubber bands to hold them tucked under.

The next morning, there are well defined, full, wavy locs. When done while still damp, they are really something!

2. Twist

You know — little bantu knots all over your head. It makes your locks very curly and the curls last for days!

How many bantu knots? Use about 16 Caruso Rollers so you make the parts of the bantus about half the size of the roller partings…2 x 16…that makes about 32 bantu knots! Also, when you do this, use the Organic Root Stimulator Carrot Oil (cream). This cream makes your hair very wet (no need to spritz with water) and you have to all time, usually over-night, for your bantus to dry. Done this way, the curls are very, very tight and your hair

looks shorter. Each day the curls become looser and therefore look longer. Because of the allusion of new length, you will be receiving some very curious looks.

Don’t sleep with your locks tied down by a scarf–Just one of those $1.99 (Sally’s Beauty Supply) satin bonnets. At this point, your locks are not thick and long enough to necessitate purchasing one of those really large bonnets. The curls don’t become extremely flat under the bonnet so in the morning all you have to do is fluff and go!

3. Long, squishy rods (not like the pink sponge rollers)

Use 5-6 long spongy rods. Just lightly wrap them over the rod and overlap the ends of the rod to hold in place. NO PULLING! Put them high on top of your head so not to lay on them. Spray the whole head with rose or orange water afterwards, cover with a scarf, and sleep.

The look is a lot like the braiding since the locs are braided on nights prior to using them. The difference is that they appear more uniformly curved under and more formal. They also resemble the way they do after rolling on the perm rods.

It takes less than 5 minutes to put up at night and the same to take down and fluff in the morning.

4. High Ponytail

Do this on Fridays and the night before leaving home. Someday, when your locs are LONG (18 inches), do this all of the time VERY LOOSELY. Also use 3 of the long rods on the ends for curve. It should take less than 2 minutes to put up and 2 to take down.


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