Fashionable Furs

Fur fashion has evolved over th e years from beaver caps to mink furs to faux furs and back again to real furs. No longer is the beauty of fur relegated to special occasions during the long, night hours or posh societal affairs

Fur is making an appearance just about anywhere and everywhere these days from casual wear to wedding attire to evening wear. A great variety in styles and designs makes fur amenable to any woman’s taste and sense of luxurious pleasure.

In fact, the wearing of fur has been known to lift a woman’s spirits, place a glow on her face, and titillate her senses. Furs have become an essential element of women’s luxury fashion today.

The wearing of fur has evolved to include fur capes, long coats, three-quarter coats, short chic jackets, fancy vests, fur trimmed suits, stylish hats, collars, and bridal wear. A woman has so many choices in styles as well as options for types of fur. Popular furs include mink, sable, fox, rabbit, chinchilla, raccoon, Persian lamb, and beaver. Faux furs or luxurious alternatives to the real thing look, feel, and wear just like real furs. Many people cannot even tell them apart. However, the true aficionado of real animal fur always prefers the real item fashioned from the thick, soft coat of a mammal to wrap yourself in for that feeling of luxurious elegance and pampering.

Adding a uniquely designed, handcrafted luxury fur to your wardrobe can give it that glamorous upgrade that you’ve been looking for. Plus, so many designers are including fur in their collections that you are bound to discover the perfect piece. Deciding to add fur to your personal wardrobe is a decision that you should never regret.

Furs not only exude luxury and elegance, turning heads to gaze at your shimmering beauty as you walk by, but also, they hold their value much longer than many other pieces of clothing. Vintage furs have been carefully cleaned, stitched more firmly, and refashioned in some cases simply because their beauty is unmistakable.

Plus, you don’t have to go with a full-length cape or coat, since you can always select something with a bit less fur to it. For example, a leather jacket lined with fur, a short jacket made from rabbit’s fur, a chic hat, or any number of other options will do just as well as wearing a full-length version of a coat. For the workday, a well-designed suit with an understated fur collar can add an elegant appearance to any woman’s look.

When choosing your fur, there are a few important facets to look for in order to ensure its high quality. The entire garment should appear to blend well with well-matched coloring. Plus, the fur should feel lustrous and supple to the touch.

Moreover, beneath the top layer of glossy hairs, a soft undercoat of dense hairs should exist on a quality fur. If the fur feels rough as though it were made of coarse bristles, you should probably continue to look.

The seams on a fur should be well sewn with tight stitches Try the fur on. If the hem falls straight, the shoulders sit comfortably and fall evenly, and the underside of the fur has flexibility to it, then the coat has most likely been properly made.

It is important as well for you to consider the weight of the fur that you are thinking of purchasing. Although many fur coats are lightweight, the weight actually depends on several factors including the size, style, and lining of the coat.

If you decide to pamper yourself with a new fur, peruse what is out there for a bit to ensure that you find the perfect one. Surround yourself with the softness of fur as you become entranced with its sheer beauty. Remember that furs and clothing with fur accents are classic that never go out of style.


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