Hair Care for Sisterlocks

If your hair is not fully locked it is advised to only use the Sisterlocks Getting Started Shampoo. Also, start your Sisterlocks with chemically straightened ends (left unlocked, of course). These straight ends have not been too much of a problem, a little bunching, but mainly they have been extremely dry. You may use a moisturizing product on your locs (the Sisterlocks Reconstructor) if that’s the case.

If you have become increasingly frustrated with these hair care products that you have been using for months on your Sisterlock, you should limit your hair care products to those that could be found in your own kitchen:

*First, you wash your locks with about 1/4 – 1/3 cup of Baking Soda (diluted in a big bowl of water). Be careful NOT to disturb the locking pattern in your hair. Pour this mixture through your locks numerous times (just let the mixture drain into a small tub in the sink and returned the mixture to the bowl to be poured over and over again through your locks. Let me tell you that although you wash your locks frequently, at least once a week, you could not believe how dirty the water was! After the Baking Soda “shampoo”, run water through your locks until the water is clear.

*Then, combine about the same about of Apple Cider Vinegar and water in the bowl. Also pour this mixture through your locks–several times. Do NOT rinse out the Apple Cider Vinegar. Just towel dry your locks.

*Last, while your locks are still damp, rub Olive Oil in the palms of your hands and apply it to your locks. If you are not sure of the amount of Olive Oil you should use just use an amount that seems heavy enough for your dry hair that you don’t feel the need to use much. Lightly blow dry your locks and that’s it.

Within two days now, you can hardly believe how much better your locks look! They feel light and clean. Your locks are NOT oily at all (your dry hair really absorbed the Olive Oil). Use the Caruso Steam Rollers and the curls are holding longer–no more gummy build-up. Sleep in a satin cap and in the morning you fluff your locks with your fingers to style.

*Next try a using regular Mayonnaise as a deep conditioner!

Hair Care for Fully Locked Hair

If your hair has been fully locked, just try Carol’s Daughter Healthy Hair Butter and All Purpose Moisture Butter. Put the Healthy Hair Butter on your hair when it is dry and wet. Either way, it gives you incredible suppleness and softness. You may not notice that it is easier to separate your locks after shampooing when you use it on your wet hair. Also use the All Purpose Moisture Butter on your hair before swimming to protect it. It seems easier to wash the Chlorine out, but use it only once.

Oils: Use Ginseng 8. If you have a lot of allergies, then skip it. Try olive oil, but if the scent of olives is way too strong for you, find a light Olive Oil that you like. The smell is not as strong and easily covered with the essential oils that you might mix for your personal fragrance. Enjoy scenting your hair while adding some oil. If you  have very dry skin, use the scented olive oil on your skin daily along with the All Purpose moisture Butter on those tough areas, hands, feet, elbows and knees. Lotion, even the “good” stuff might leave you ashy again in an hour or so.


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