Hot selling casual footwear for women

Women love casual footwear. They do not worry to invest mindless dollars on purchasing varieties of casual footwear that complements their trendy outfits. Women like to get footwear that assures comfortability, support and style. Here is the finest list of hot selling casual footwear for women.

Dr. Scholl’s Slip-On – this casual footwear is one of the hot selling women’s footwear in US. Dr. Scholl’s slip-on is available in the colour ranges of Black, Brown and Taupe. These casual slip-ons have got soft upper leathers that cushions your feet. If you travel a lot, these are the best fit footwear for you which last for a longer time and support your bag and legs expediently. Dr. Scholl’s slip-ons priced between $24 to $34 in the US market

Chieftain – This casual footwear is most suitable for corporate attire. Chieftain – Pony women’s work shoes are priced in the ranges of $42 to $60. These are safety compliant shoes that assure no slipping. If you are looking for casual footwear that fits industry environment Chieftain – Pony could be your friend. This shoe comes with elegant design, easy slip-on, OSHA compliance, Comfortable sole, excellent quality, soft fabric lining and affordable price range.

Sassies – Sassies are most worn women’s casual footwear. Sassies offers stylish outlook with elegant designer touch. If you wish to obtain classic looks, Sassies are your best bet. Heirloom and Ella are the two prominent styles available in Sassies brand. This casual footwear is priced around $55. Different colour ranges present in Sassies are White, Black, Taupe and Dark Brown.

CavierAvruga – This women casual wear is made of soft materials to provide airy floating feel to the owner. Cavier comes only in Black colour and priced $58 to $60. This shoe is OSHA compliant with exceptional design. If you are looking for safety, elegance, sexy and sensual appeal investing on CavierAvruga is an ideal choice. Cavier has soft fabric lining, leather upper part and paddled collar that provides smooth walking experience.

D’Lite S R Electrolite–This is corporate footwear. If you are a business women who attend frequent meetings, D’lite S R Electrolite could assist you improve your elegant working women look even more. D’lite comes at the price tag of $65 and comes with OSHAsafety compliance. This women footwear is very graceful with a metallic touch, fine finishing, and leather upper and soft cushions. D’lite is comfortable to your feet and makes you look awe-inspiring with no-extra efforts.

Premier Ann–Premier Ann is most suggested for women looking for durability, sex appeal, designer looks, safety and comfortability. This women casual footwear is slip resistance and suits perfectly for plus-sized women having wider feet. Premier Ann is priced a little high at $80 but it is worth your money. This footwear is available in the colours of Black and blue.


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