Hot Trends in the World of Fashion Jewelry

Jewelry is an important fashion accessory, and a large collection of beautiful fashion jewelry means that you will have a wonderful accent to any outfit.  Amassing a large collection of fashion jewelry does not have to mean breaking the budget, and a number of excellent pieces are also quite affordable.

As with any type of fashion accessory, trends in jewelry tend to run in cycles, with some styles in vogue while others are not.  For instance, these days many designers are showing a preference for understated and attractive necklaces. Large and colorful pendants are also in style this season, as are necklaces featuring strands of silver and gold.

Freshwater pearls are also popular for designers of fashion jewelry, with a decided preference shown to pearls in unusual shapes and colors. Semi-precious gemstones are all the rage as well, adorning everything from pendants and short necklaces to rings, bracelets and earrings.

When it comes to earrings, silver hoops of all sizes and styles are always in style, as are dangling earrings made with a number of semi-precious gemstones. Some fashion earrings also use an assortment of glass beads to accent the gemstones and create an even more intense sparkle.

Another great trend to watch in the world of fashion earrings is the layered look. Many popular pieces of fashion jewelry use smaller beads and other unusual accents to adorn larger pieces of gold and  silver. Charms are popular as well, not only for bracelets but for earrings as well.

For fashion necklaces, black onyx and silver is a popular combo this year, providing a striking contrast and a beautiful piece of fashion jewelry at an affordable price. These black onyx and silver creations can be further accented by interweaving strands of gold or vibrant colors, as well as glass beads and other decorations.

Bracelets are always a popular choice as well, and cuff bracelets are particularly hot this season. Some of the most popular cuff bracelets feature hammered gold and silver, while others use a combination of multi-colored beads for a fun and trendy look. Stretch bracelets are a popular choice for fashion jewelry as well,  especially those adorned with colorful stones and beads And of course charm bracelets never go out of style, with offbeat charms providing a fun look this season.


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