How to Make Your Own Leather Jacket

The beauty of knowing how to sew is being able to customize your own designs. You can do this by either creating your own patterns or altering the patterns you buy. Sewing with leather requires an entirely different skill set and cache of tools If you don’t have any experience working with leather practice by making small projects like bags and pouches This is a jacket I have made myself many times in my career as a  textile artist, so the techniques are tried and true.

Step 1
Purchase a jacket pattern you find in a pattern book. Most patterns can be adapted to leather if the pattern isn’t specifically for  a leather jacket.

Step 2
Visit a specialty leather supply house and purchase leather (or you can order it online from a variety of leather suppliers). There are many different types of leather you can use but stick with garment leathers like cowhide, deer hide or goat hide. You will need at least two 10-foot square hides, which is the minimum, or more if you want to make a long jacket.

Step 3
Cut out pattern pieces for the leather, cutting the correct amount per the instructions on the pattern pieces. On pieces that need to be placed on a fold cut only on the edges that aren’t the fold. Loosen the pattern keeping the fold edge taped to the leather and move the  piece to the other side so you will have one whole piece that won’t require stitching. Cut two pieces for the collar.


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