How to select best fit jeans

People find it hard to select best fit jeans. The reason behind is they are unaware of their body shape and size. Knowing your body shape helps you purchase best fit jeans that suit your personality, style and structure. There are a wide variety of jeans available ranging from straight cut, boot cut, denim, low risers etc. Many designers are focusing on designing jeans for curvy and pear shaped body shapes because these body structures need special attention. Selecting best fit jeans is not a great deal if you know your shape. You could get the perfect jeans for you that make you look sexy, curvy and stylish. Here are few tips that will assist you find the best fit jeans from the pile of dresses.

How not to select a jean – Do not invest your money in old fashioned jeans. Buying a high on waist style jean will make you look fat and your curvy portion will get disturbed. There gone the days when tucking the tops in jeans was a high end fashion, If you do so with your jeans now, it will make you look dumb and old fashioned. Women have the habit of buying smaller sized clothes that are skin-tight just for the sheer pleasure of feeling skinny. Resist this feeling and go on with choosing right fit jeans. Never buy jeans with pleats, it is utter waste of money, time and efforts.

Grabbing the right size jeans

 Do self appraisals – Stand in front of a mirror. Be honest and do a self appraisal. Are you too tall or too short? Are you plus sized, skinny or normal structure? How is your body shape? Is it curvy or pear shaped? You should ask yourself these questions before ideating shopping.

Jeans for Curvy Shapes – Dark denim, Boot cut, Lycra, Fit and Flare style, wide yoke are the perfect jeans for curvy shaped women. Invest in dark jeans than lighter tones. Dark jeans will boost your bright tops and makes you look super sexy. Do not care about brand or money as long as you get your best fit jeans.

Petite jeans – if you are skinny and short, petite jeans are your best bet. Not every petite shaped woman is too curvy, if you are one among the few you could mix the combinations of curvy shaped jeans with petite ones. Straight cut lines are amazing for petite women. Do not go for Capri Lengths, turn ups, cuffs, baggy or wide legged. It will be a spoiler for your shape and highly-invested jeans.

Plus Size Jeans – Plus sized women should avoid low risers. You can invest in jeans with flex, boot cut or straight cut. Getting the right fit is jeans are a headache for plus sized women. If you are getting anything closer to your fit in the above mentioned category, just grab them because you could alter them without hassles. Select dark denim and do not choose faded jeans that will make you look more bulgy. Never do the mistake of squeezing yourself in smaller size jeans, in the long run it will not work out the way you have imagined.

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