How to select right shopping bag

Bags are every girl’s obsession. Shopping bags are fun if you know your body type. If you would like to shop perfect bags that suit you the best, follow these tips.

Big bags or small bags it does not matter as long as you are confident on what works for you. Prior to kick start shopping, have a clear cut picture about what you really want. Would you like to have a bag for your office use or you are longing to get a right fit bag for party outfits? Apart from understanding your immediate needs, define a clear-cut budget so that you will not spend exceedingly on shopping for bags.

If you do not want to get pressurized by customer care representatives in picking a high priced low quality bag, you could shop around online that helps you pick your preferred choice at your defined budget. There is no need to spend huge dollars on hand bags, you could get best quality hand bags within the price tag of $ 500. Black, brown, ash, dark grey are the ever living classic colours in hand bags, if you are fun loving, you could experiment with flashy colours.

Hand bags for Taller, skinny women – Hobo type hand bags are the perfect fit for taller skinny women. Taller women should always choose wider bags that will enrich their appearance as well as outfit. For professional use you could choose wider bags or hobo types and for personal use clutches are the best bet.

Petite Women – for smaller short women Hollywood type taller bags are not the right choice. Not only taller bags, even long strap bags will make petite women look more smaller so it is advised to stay away from taller bags. Petite women looks elegant with smaller bags especially leather ones.

Plus Sized Women – Plus sized women could sizzle with large bags. Never opt for smaller bags because they will make you look huge and bulky. Choose right bags that will keep you away from plus size mishap. Plus sized women could choose printed, tall bags that will establish the sexy killer curves.

Handbag Varieties – Handbags are available on a wide range of varieties that varies in shape, colour, style and fabric. You should choose a handbag that goes hand in hand with your personality. Shoulder bags are classic but suits only taller women. Clutches are handbags without shoulder strap. Clutches are best fit for party outfits.  Tote bags are made of canvas. These bags are amazing for women who love wearing flashy colour outfits. Apart from shoulder bags, clutches and tote bags other variety of bags like messenger bags, backpacks, hobo, satchel, frame bags, evening bags, and wristlets are also highly favourited by young women.


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