My Septum Piercing – How It Changed My Life

Im really not sure when I first decided to get my septum pierced. I remember when I was a kid I was fascinated by all of the pictures I saw of tribal people with bones in their noses, but I can”t pinpoint exactly when I said Wow, I really want a ring in the middle of my nose!. All I know is that by the time I was fourteen it had turned into more than just a thing I thought about every once and awhile and had manifested itself into a full blown desire.

I would spend hours looking at myself in the mirror with fake jewelry in my nose, fantasizing about  how cool I would look with the piercing. To me at that time,  a septum ring just seemed like the coolest thing in the world.

So after quite some time of bugging my mother, she and I headed over to the closest piercing shop in our area, a really nice shop in Mount Vernon, Ohio named the Mouse Trap.

The Mouse Trap is a somewhat small place with tons of flash art everywhere. The art ranges from more mediocre stuff like hearts and skulls to really elaborate bio-mechanical drawings that made me think of H.G. Giger. I remember there was a group of really cool looking pierced metal head guys talking with the tattoo artist about some band  I had never heard of. On this first visit to the Mouse Trap, the piercist wasn’t in. In fact, it was really weird timing, because the bald tattooist there said it was the first time she had called in sick for awhile. So we came back a few weeks later, and I was prepared to get my first real piercing. At least I thought I was.

When I sat down in the piercing chair that first time,  I was nervous as hell. I was extremely sweaty and shaking, almost scared out of my mind. The piercist obviously saw how freaked out I was, and she asked me if I was sure I wanted this. Deep down in my core I knew I wanted it, but for some reason I was simply horrified. When the piercist proceeded to tell me that it would hurt, and there would be blood, and I had to be prepared for that, I  gave in to my fear and waked out the door. I felt like a real coward after that, and I couldn’t pinpoint why I had been so nervous. I had read about the piercing process many times online, and I had seen tons of pictures, and read plenty of personal accounts of people’s first piercing. Regardless of the fact I knew it wasn’t a big deal, I was scared out of my mi nd. I wasn’t fully ready to go through with it for about seven or eight months

During that time, I invested a huge amount of effort into finding out everything I could about piercings, and talking to people who had them online, digging even deeper, expanding my knowledge on the subject, and proving to myself 100% that this wasn’t just some silly thing I didn’t really want. I was now completely and utterly sure that I wanted a septum ring, and I knew that I was ready for the pain. So a week before my fifteenth birthday at the beginning of august, I re-talked my mother into letting me get my septum ring. She was a bit condescending about it, asking me if I was sure this time, but she agreed to take me there.


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