Skin Care and Nail Care Tips

Nail Care Tips

During your bouts of boldness, go a step beyond your plain manicure and try the new, youthful look-for nails. Here’s how it’s done:

1.         Give yourself a basic manicure; then brush a deep, daring shade of polish on fingernails. Allow a few minutes for polish to dry.

2.         Choose a pale shade of polish in the same color family as the deep shade. Saturate the brush with the pale polish so that it is well covered but not dripping wet.

3.         Hold the brush at a slight angle and with one deft, sure stroke, and glide the brush over the center of the nail to create a swirl. Alternative designs are a stripe pale color straight through the center of the nail from the base to the tip, and a slender swirl down the center in the same direction. Think up of your other designs. Let your imagination go wild. And let your nails, at least, go bold.

Skin Care using Ice Water

Sophia Loren and Paul Newman are two of the stars who use this ice-water pack method to stimulate circulation in the skin and help promote tight pores, a firm tone, and a youthful dewy glow. It is the “stars’ secret” for staying young.

•           Clean your face carefully; use a shower cap or pin the hair back.

•           Fill the bathroom sink with two quarts of cold water. If the tap water is not cold, use water that has been kept in the refrigerator.

•           Place two full trays of ice cubes in a large piece of cheesecloth or a large handkerchief, and tie the ends so that the ice cubes will stay inside the cloth.

•           Place the bag of ice cubes into the cold water in the sink basin. Never put loose cubes into the water.

•           Dip your face into the icy water. Keep your face underwater for a minimum of twenty seconds in the beginning. (Later, see if you can keep your face underwater for 30 seconds, later even more.) A small skin diver’s snorkel can be used to keep your face underwater for longer than you can hold your breath.

•           Let your skin guide you. If a tingling sensation becomes uncomfortable, lift your head from the water.

•           When you remove your face from the water, lightly pat the skin dry. Use a very soft towel; do not rub.

•           Spray your face with mineral water.

•           Apply a light moisturizer to the entire face

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