Social Media and shopping

Social media is playing a huge impact on shopping. Corporate Conglomerates and Reputed retail chains are available on Social media inorder to capture real time crowd sourcing specific products and services online. Whether your preference mode of shopping is online or offline, social media certainly impacts the way you shop. Right from influencing the brand choice to pricing, social media is playing a huge role in determining the way shopping has been experienced priorly.

Not only clothing, accessories, apparels and auto-wares, even movies are successfully promoted through social media. Following this footstep huge players have jived into social media to impact the customers via direct communication exchange, feedback gathering, query resolving and engagement through various online activities. Shopping is a social experience. Online shopping made joyous shopping a solo activity. With the arrival of social media which is integrated to shopping, people across the world could enjoy exceptional shopping practises.

Recent research confirms that Social media, online reviews, customer feedbacks directly influence the buying decision of a customer. Whether you are looking for best healthcare products or lingerie or high quality home apparels, everything is discussed in social networking websites. People ask suggestions from known sources before choosing an unknown product or service provider. Since the known contacts in social media immediately respond to people’s queries with suitable suggestions people who are in look out for specific products tend to trust the known source without second thoughts.

Social media is powerful enough to manipulate the consumer behaviour. Reputed brands are showcasing their products and services via social media inorder to obtain direct customer feedbacks which helps them improve their product quality to a greater extent without the need to spend on costly, time consuming, effort taking market researches and surveys.

These days consumers are spending very less time going to physical stores, people are content buying their needed products online at the comfort of sitting at home. Online shopping is highly influenced by consumer opinions, reviews, ratings, suggestions and feedbacks. People looking out for specific shopping requirement, searches real time user reviews before starting their online shopping. Stylefeeder is one of the well known community website that assists customers shop along with others. Its tag line is “Never Shop Alone, Shopping is fun with friends!”

Apart from Stylefeeder, Kaboodle also facilitates effective consumer interaction. Whether you are seeking restaurants, theatres, coffee shops, books, home apparels, auto-wares or healthcare products, you could find your shopping twin using these social networking websites. Amazon is one of the greatest online retail store that fosters more customer reviews and feedbacks for each of their product. A recent survey announces that more than 43% of American users make their purchase decision after reading reviews and feedbacks from social media networks. Social media helps you find likeminded shoppers who will make your online solo shopping a fulfilled social experience.


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