Top apparels for women

Accessories make a women complete. Just with the right outfit you will not be able to make an impact. If you wish to do heads-turn, ensure that you own and wear right kind of apparels with your trendy outfit. Here is the list of top 10 must have apparels for women.

10. Lipstick – lipstick always occupies a woman’s heart and her hand-bag. Lipsticks are just not an accessory. They add liveliness to your dresses. Choose lipsticks that perfectly complement your skin tone. You could choose different colours for your office and personal use. Investing in a good quality lipstick moistens your lips and keeps them without brittles and other infirmities for a pretty long time.

09. Watch – Show your style statement with a best priced watch. Watches come at different varieties ranging from silver, metal, gold, diamond and platinum. You could pick your hearty choice depending on the budget you could afford. We suggest you own the ones that has bold face or the ones that has rhinestones around the face.

08. Coat – Coats dresses up your attire and gives stylish look. Irrespective of the seasons, you could sizzle with elegant coats that come in variety of colours. You could also choose trench or swing coats that suit your style.

07. Boots –Boots perfectly go with skirts, jeans as well as leggings. Knee high boots are suggested for tall women whereas ankle boots are suggested for nominally built women. Boots might be pretty costly but they are worth the bet to have in a girl’s accessory list.

06. Pair of White Tees – white tees are classic. They are the perfect choice for your jackets and sweaters. If you over-wear jackets, sweaters and cardigans we suggest you to have few numbers of tees in place for your handy use.

05. Leather Jacket – Leather jackets are preferred during winter season. While you invest on leather jackets, shop for classic colours. Young girls can play with flashy coloured leather jackets too.

04. Cardigan – if you are a leggings fan, you should have a cardigan of your own. Cardigans go hand in hand with your winter clothing and they look fabulous on women irrespective of the body structure.

03. Handbag–Handbags are must have accessories. A woman without handbag is not complete. We suggest you to choose red, green, purple, grey handbags that give you bold look.

02. Pin – Pin is not for oldies anymore. You could fashion your tees, blazer and coats using trendy pins. Pins are very helpful tool to keep your scarf tied.

01. Scarf – Scarves are must have accessory for any women. You could wear scarves with jeans, t-shirts and suits. Not only to give your style statement, scarves help you keep warm during colder days.


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