Virtual mirror – how it impacts the way we shop

Virtual mirror is developed by Scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications. Virtual mirror helps you put on specific clothes, accessories, shoes and bags without physically wearing them. You could see your image on a virtual screen with that particular product. It helps trying on variety of clothes through online shopping. You could choose your favorite items be it a t-shirt or shoes, virtual mirror will show your image wearing it. This helps you try on a wide range of clothing from different varieties and assist you make better buying decision through online shopping methods.

Gone are the days when only women loved shopping while the guys pay for it. With the arrival of virtual mirror more men are attracted towards this high end technology and willing to try their hands on online shopping. If you wonder whether you could make the best shopping experience out of these virtual mirrors, you surely could. Presently accurate impression could not be created using virtual mirror but scientists assure that as the research and development proceeds further, more realistic impressions could be created using virtual mirror in the days to come. Online shopping is not only for girls anymore. Men across globe are eager to try out this new concept in online shopping. T-shirts, shirts, sweaters or jackets will not produce realistic images though accessories could make perfect realistic impressions.

Textiles possess elastic qualities which makes them stretch or shrink according to your body sizes when you wear them. Since virtual mirror could not offer you this advantage, you might not feel the elegant special appeal you experience while trying on new clothes. Researchers are focusing on this phenomena inorder to create accurate realistic projections through virtual mirror. At present virtual mirror concept is introduced in few of the Adidas showrooms where men are walking in day-in and day-out to try shoes of various colors, styles and structures virtually. Presently virtual mirror is a developing concept, as the technology involved in this process is highly advanced, we could be assured that virtual mirror will change the way online shopping has been done and experienced. Right now not many of the online retailers offer this virtual mirror facility. As huge online retail players have started investing good sum on the research and development process of virtual mirror concept, we believe that in very near future virtual mirror will have a huge impact on online shopping.

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