What Causes Itching in Dry Scalp

The itching is usually, hair follicles growing and/or the scalp reacting to too much product buildup over time that gets embedded into to the pores of your scalp. The scalp tries to exfoliate the clogged pores but the debree gets caught in the scalp when the skin begins to callus to handle the daily abuse. Ladies, it may sound too simple to be true, but research and personal experimentation on the theories have brought to the conclusions I share with you. Some of you will be going through the shedding process (of the scalp) for months into a year or more before it stops. You should take your Consultant’s advice because believe or not, your hair has the power to completely heal itself if you just leave it alone (products wise) and clean. The results (for the scalp) take a while but the results were more than worth it. Becoming less dependent on products would indirectly affect your life. You enjoy the simplicity and elegance of less is more. Without all of the distractions of feeling like you need the stuff (gels, oils, pomades, conditioners, etc.) your life becomes lighter and more carefree. Plus, you get to save more money to spend,
save and invest these days. Your locks are so used to not having anything on them that you can only use the Reconstructor every 6-8 weeks, you can go the whole summer without any conditioner. It reacts in the form of severe itching and flaking when you put anything topical on it. They love steam and water, so you baby them and give them lots of shampoo sessions with Dr. Bronners Castille Soap.
After the flaking went away, you would notice that your friends love to run their fingers through your hair because it is SUPER CLEAN AND LIGHT. You never got that kind of a response even when you had traditionals! Giving up all of your products night not be easy. But once your understood the internal workings of your hair it became easy to let go and let nature do its work.

Going through the shedding process is not a pretty time for you. But with you consultant’s advice and 3-6 months of consistent washing and setting, you will have no worries and will even get the clear skin you always yearned for to boot! You are right about it feeling strange to abandon everything you know. Everything will be fine. Just the maintenance alone of these locks makes you pioneers because you don’t have any documented proof yet. You are the documented proof.


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