When to Shampoo after Sisterlocks

How long are you supposed to wait before you wash your hair, and how often should you wash it?

First of all, you should have lots of patience.

There are different answers from different consultants but the consensus is that you should not shampoo more than once/week during transition. If you can hold out for 2 weeks — all the better

It is understandable how you feel during transition though and rolling them up helps.

If you have a lot of hair, you can wear the African roll. It is another way that you could avoid manipulation early on.

What’s the African roll?

It is the same as the French roll but the afrocentric way to say it. Just like an “African Braid”.

The lack of spritzing might help you from unraveling.

True, water can help the locking process for some but it can retard it on others. Some people have hair that straightens out a little when wet and straight hair is not a good thing when locking.

Do not make a mistake of shampooing twice/week, spritzed and rolled your locs daily for the first several months and experienced serious unraveling. If that happens, you cut back to once/week, stop spritzing and manipulating, then start locking up.

Some recommend that you use Witch Hazel with a lint-free cloth to clean your scalp in between shampooing. That works for you.

When you do shampoo — you know what you must do: bind your ends and always, always, always, separate your locks before they dry.

Shampoo your hair about every 3 weeks. A small amount of Hair Milk and Hair Honey keeps your hair from appearing too dry. I bet if you use a little Dudley setting lotion and the Hair Twirlers (kind of expensive but 1 package will do) to roll the ends (use end papers or end wraps) you will be pleasantly surprised and those curls will last for days.

Wear your scarf every night.

Color Rinses

Color rinses are temporary color that gradually wash out. No peroxide. These are sold in beauty supply stores. They have about 15 different colors including clear which makes your hair shiny. You have to rinse your hair really good. If you take the time to rinse, the color stays vibrant for about 3-4 weeks then fades.

Coloring Tips:

1. Band ends

2. Use a natural, herbal (vegetable based) hair color. You can usually buy some at a health food store. (e.g. Herbaltint in a green box with white writing) It will be costly. You may need 3-5 boxes so buy enough just in case. Do not use products with peroxide. Coloring changes overall composition of hair.

3. Neutralize afterwards with the Sisterlocks Starter Shampoo. The neutralizer that comes with the hair color is insufficient. The Sisterlocks shampoo has more effective neutralizing ingredients.


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